Texana con estribo desmontable y ajuste con cierre de lado interno, en cuero 100% y base tipo texana con taco foliado y terminada con

efecto lijado.

Horma: Amplia

Material Base: en MICRO EXPANSO

Material Capellada: CUERO NATURAL

Material Forro: CUERO SINTETICO (52% PU + 48% Poliéster)

Tabla de talles: 35 >> 22cm || 36 >> 23,4cm ||  37 >> 24,2cm  || 38 >> 25cm ||  39 >> 26cm || 40 >> 26,9cm || 41 >> 27,6cm


The VOILE is shoe with a Texan accessorized look and feel made of

100% leather and containing an adjustable zip. Its Texan-style sole consists of a hand-polished with a wood foliage finnish at the heel.

Fit: Wide

Sole: Micro-Expanso

Inner: Sinthetic leather (52% PU + 48% Poliéster)

Upper: Natural, Genuine Leather


#handmadeboot #artisanboot #handmadeshoes


-The materials described in the pictures are subject to availability at the moment of the request


-Los materiales detallados en la fotos están sujetos a la disponibilidad del momento del pedido.


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