International business Consulting firm

Our staff is made up of multidisciplinary professionals with a high level of commitment, honesty, and customer-oriented. We are specialists in foreign trade with experience in different industries. Our work team is constantly trained to be able to be updated in terms of regulations, provisions; international trade resolutions.

We work on the basis of compliance, commitment and responsibility.

Aclarecer Group develops tailor-made programs to help PYMES to boost their growth and explore the export path, internationalizing their products and services.

We advise and accompany the company throughout the export process, identifying business opportunities through market research and knowing the possible barriers they face when exporting.

We offer the Outsourcing Service of the comex department of your Pyme.

Through the Pyme diagnosis, procedures and tasks are planned, a strategy is defined so that your services and products reach the world.

We also offer to foreign buyers access to see our product platform, it is made up of products from suppliers associated to our Company, which is a Cooperative. The suppliers of these products have worked with Aclarecer Group for more than 15 years, their products are of excellent quality, products that are absolutely suitable to be exported because they comply with the demands of international markets. These products are also evaluated by our team to ensure that they meet the requirements requested from abroad.

This is achieved through Associativity, in which Aclarecer Group strongly believes as an empowering and growth model for Argentine Pymes.

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Some places we export to.

Places we export to

Puente Global

We are proud to belong to the Platform called PUENTE Global, which was launched in 2015 by the General Directorate of Foreign Trade, under the Ministry of Economic Development of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

This platform provides tools and services for entrepreneurs and businessman who need to make their way to export, among several services it offers, is to name companies that are consolidated in their role as exporters, to which entrepreneurs can access.

This gives us added value when offering our services, given that our company "Cooperativa de Provisión, Exportación y Consumo Aclarecer Ltda" is 100% guaranteed by the Ministry of Economic Development - Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Link: Puente Global
Connect Americas

We have also been accepted and verified by Connect Americas since January 21, 2018.

Pymes al Mundo program

Aclarecer Group was also accepted to be part of the Pymes al Mundo program, our products also being in its virtual showroom.



Some products we export to the world.